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EX436 Exam Experience: Red Hat High Availability Clustering

Well, I successfully took my Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in High Availability Clustering exam (EX436) on 10 November to renew my existing RHCE certification. Through this post I will share my preparation and exam experience.


Nothing can substitute experience on the subject but to be sure to have addressed all the required exam topic you must prepare and configure you own lab.
I used 4 virtual machines under VMware workstation to deploy and practice all the exam topic, you can have an idea on the required topic on the Red Hat website.


The exam was a lab based performance, and the quality of the lab and the interaction with the remote instructor was great I also liked all the security measures which make Red Hat exam one of the most credible and challenging exam.

Because of the NDA stuff, I can’t say no more, sorry. I wish you good luck if you are taking this exam.

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  1. Hi,
    I am doing my 436 Exam preparation, Could you please let me know which man page I can get help in exam if I need to setup dlm and clvmd on pacemaker?