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Start-ttys main process (8475) terminated with status 1

I had a trouble with a Linux box after we lost access to our storage array, the system switched to a read only file system. Everything stopped working, no command was recognized, no possibility to remount the file system in RW.

After a reboot, some LV got in inactive status and no file system mounted.

Viewing the logical volume status can be done using


Then for every LV you can activate them using

lvchange -a y lv_name

You can then try one of the following:
mount all file system automatically using

mount -a

if everything goes Ok, all your file system will be mounted automatically, if not, you should mount them manually one by one.

After mounting all the file system, I tried to reboot the server but i got this error:

/etc/rc.d/rc permission denied

After verifying the file and directory permission, it seems that the permission got lost and everything was in read only mode 400.

A chmod with 755 can resolve this and then you should be able reboot your server using shutdown -r now

chmod -R 755 /etc/rc.d

You can also try to restart all the service without rebooting the Linux box using init 3 but you can get this kind of error

start-ttys main process (8475) terminated with status 1

A reboot in this case can resolve this error as the system will take care of starting all the service in respect to their dependency.

I hope this can help someone…

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