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Avi Network Integration With Nutanix Calm

This will be a short blog post that show how easily you can integrate Avi Network solution (Avi Vantage) with Nutanix Calm. I also provide a video demo and the source code used at the end of this post.

a brief description from Avi Network website about Avi Vantage:

Avi Vantage delivers multi-cloud application services including a Software Load Balancer, Intelligent Web Application Firewall (iWAF) and Elastic Service Mesh. The Avi Vantage Platform helps ensure a fast, scalable, and secure application experience.

The provided source code is Calm ready, whish mean that you can use it as it is without heavy modifications on you calm blueprint.
The blueprint looks like this:

Nutanix Calm blueprint

The last part is where we handle the Avi Network integration and should look like below:

AviNetwork service

First part is authentication, and because recent version of Avi Network doesn’t allow basic http authentication, we are handling this part using session cookies id that we will pass to other functions.
Second, we get all the required uuid, the function is dynamic, you can add whatever name you want, and it will return the uuid for you.
Third, we create the required pool, the function is also dynamic, it will create the server pool and add all the deployed servers independently of their numbers
Fourth, we create the virtual service with the necessary policies.

Of course, we should not forget about cleaning Avi objects after we delete the application, this part is handled as below:

Delete Avi Network service

Showtime 😀

Source code:

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