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vRealize Orchestrator Appliance Deployment – Notes

Du to some hardware issue, I was in the process of reinstalling my Orchstrator appliance, this took me some time to identify the deployment steps, as I dont do this kind of setup on a daily basis.

So I thought if will be useful for futur deployment, to note the major steps, every step is detailed in the VMware document “Installing and Configuring VMware vRealize Orchestrator”.

For my current deployment I used: vSphere 6.0 U2, vCenter Appliance, one external Platform Service Controller, one vRealize Orchestrator Appliance


1- Deploy the vRealize Orchestrator appliance using the vSphere Web Client

  • If you have used the old vSphere client (which is not recommended) to deploy the appliance, open the appliance console and configure the networking using /opt/vmware/share/vami/vami_config_net

2- Import the vCenter Server SSL Certificate and License

  • Connect to the appliance using the url https://vro-appliance-fqdn:8283 and import the vCenter and the PSC SSL certificat, then configure the licensing.

3- Log In to the Orchestrator Configuration Interface of the Orchestrator Appliance

  • Connect to the appliance using the url https://vro-appliance-fqdn:5480

4- Register Orchestrator with vCenter Single Sign-On in the vCenter Server Appliance

  • In the Orchestrator configuration interface, click Authentication and select SSO Authentication, in my case the SSO FQDN was the one of the PSC appliance.

5- Start Orchestrator Client

  • Open the java client using the url https://vro-appliance-fqdn:8281/vco/client/client.jnlp

6a- Run the workflow Add a vCenter Server instance
6b- Run the workflow Register vCenter Orchestrator as a vCenter Server extension

  • This will allow to use/integrate the vSphere Web Client with the vRealize Orchestrator Appliance



7- Check Whether Orchestrator Is Successfully Registered as an Extension

Using the folowing url https://vcenter-fqdn/mob/?moid=ExtensionManager&doPath=extensionList[%22com.vmware.vco%22].server you can check if the Orchestrator appliance is correctly registered with the vCenter.

We should get something as shown in the image below:



Hope this can help you.

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